Trimming my own fringe !!

We’ve all done it. We have all cut or trimmed our own fringe. Since the hairdressers are still closed I decided to trim my fringe last night! (See video below) I had all sorts of comments, good, funny and bad 😂 the thing I find addictive is constantly trimming it… I trim my fringe and then a week later I want to trim it again.. then again..and then again! Before you know it… I’ll end up having 1cm bangs on my head! 🤣 inspired by other people trimming their own bangs on youtube.. I joined the bandwagon 😂

Tik tok video of me trimming my fringe
Morning after the trim

Published by sophiag94

Hello guys! I love art, music, books, audiobooks, video games and podcast. This blog is express my general thoughts and feelings on life. Enjoy and have a good day :)

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